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Medinet Services

Medinet is the ideal partner for second hand medical equipment.

We work hard to make sure that every device we redistribute meets only the highest quality standards and is ready to be put back to work.

Did you know an ECG reader still retains more than half its value after 3 years of use? Medinet can make the benefits of a trade-in program work for you, too.


Medinet intend to be certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. All are industry awarded certifications confirming our strict attention to consumer data protection as well as environmental and safe workplace standards.

Our zero-landfill policy keeps medicaldevices from entering the waste stream and potentially harming our natural resources.

We intend to be certified CO2-neutral by CO2logic

Secure, Sustainable Medical Equipment Restoration

So what happens to retired medical equipment after trade-in? Medinet offers a full spectrum of device & equipment restoration—from minor cosmetic improvements to total renewal. Ninety percent of equipment that have been approved for reuse are redistributed around the world, and the rest are responsibly recycled. Regardless of the level of restoration, Medinet devices are rigorously examined for quality and once approved are ready to be reintroduced back into the consumer stream.

But what about all that personal information?

Privacy concerns are one of the biggest obstacles to trade-in for consumers and fear of identity theft can cause them to think twice about simply handing that equipment over to a retailer.

Medinet puts those fears to rest by maintaining the industry’s highest standards for data removal. We are also the recipient of numerous environmental and safety certifications that confirm our commitment to positive business practices.

Technical Assistance

When purchasing equipment we offer our technical assistance, as our technical staff have a great deal of experience working together with the OEMs on installation projects.

Having our own technical staff, ensures you reliable and professional handling of the equipment.

Financial solutions

Medinet is offering purchasers the possibilities to lease their medical equipment

Full Logistics Services

Whether you need a system transported locally or worldwide, our full logistic service will help you save both time and money.

Our freight forwarding personnel organise worldwide shipping via road, air, sea and courier, always focusing on the most optimal freight solution for the individual client.

We cooperate with professional freight forwarders which are represented locally in every one of our sales markets.

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