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For Equipment distributors and manufacturers

Instant, Incentivized Trade-In Programs

Medinet has designed and perfected a seamless trade-in program that offers multiple benefits to both medical equipment providers and their customers. Partnering with the top global providers such as Philips, GE medical, Huntleigth and MedTronic, we are the trade-in catalyst that helps our Medtech partners grow their bottom line and better serve their customers.

How does Medinet benefit medtech suppliers?

We provide:

  • New opportunities to upsell devices &  accessories.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by offering immediate rewards for trade-in.
  • Lower replacement and guarantee costs by maintaining a solid reserve of restored devices & parts.
  • A low-cost collection service that can easily manage large volumes of trade-ins.

How can customers benefit from trade-in programs?

  • They receive immediate trade-in rewards for their current equipment.
  • The value of their current equipment can be applied to a new device or accessories.
  • A “feel good” opportunity for consumers to pass their older equipment into the waiting hands of a new user.
  • A reliable and secure means of handing off their equipment for safe redirection.

Find new customers, serve more patients 

  • The re-use markets offers the opportunity for a lot HealthCare providers to invest in extra medical equipment at a lower cost, while they wouldn't do it otherwise because the barrier would be too high. These customers would never purchase new equipment as they would only need it for a small part of their activity.
  • Now, they can develop new services towards patients and heal more patients.  


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